Palma & Prince, PA: Criminal Law in Miami

A notoriously sensitive practice area, criminal law requires a unique combination of empathy and assertiveness, plus a thorough understanding of Florida’s criminal justice system. These qualities are in abundant supply at Palma & Prince, PA, a top criminal law firm with an excellent reputation in Miami. Palma & Prince, PA offers legal advice and representation for clients accused of committing a vast array of crimes, including everything from misdemeanor theft to felony DUI.

Criminal Repercussions and How an Attorney Can Help

Criminal penalties in Florida tend to be swift and harsh. Whether you’re sentenced with a misdemeanor or a felony, you can expect to pay exorbitant fines, and to spend far too much time on probation. You may be forced to complete dozens of hours of community service or spend extensive time behind bars. After you’ve served your sentence, it could be a struggle to find quality housing or employment.

Traits to Look For in a Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

The ideal criminal defense lawyer demonstrates respect for all clients, regardless of their charges and personal circumstances. This sense of respect allows clients to be more open and honest with their legal representatives. Quality communication greatly enhances the likelihood of a favorable resolution.

Although criminal lawyers must show compassion for their clients, they should also know when to take on a more assertive approach. Zealousness in court is essential, especially if the client’s rights are infringed on. A skilled attorney will push for the best resolution possible, and often, emerge with a seemingly impossible case dismissal, not guilty verdict, or some other impressive outcome.

Have you been accused of committing a crime in or around Miami? A lack of high-quality legal support could prove a real liability as you navigate the local criminal justice system. Don’t risk your freedom or your future; work with Palma & Prince, PA.